So, we delivered unique underworld experiences, collaborating with their heroes.


We filmed a new dance experience in partnership with ballet star and national icon, Isaac Hernandez.


We put underworld fashion on the catwalk with Mexico’s freshest designers, and we made new Mictlán music available via Spotify.


We also brought the dead to life via our target’s favourite device – their mobiles. All they had to do was scan the Cerveza Victoria packaging to access an augmented reality experience to the underworld.

Day of the Dead is the biggest national holiday in Mexico. Cerveza Victoria has been synonymous with it since 2014 but its rising popularity was attracting a host of other brands.


To maintain Cerveza Victoria’s number one category share of voice among young drinkers, we found new ground.


We realised 70% of Mexicans knew nothing about its origins.


They didn’t know about the Aztec roots of the celebration and the idea that people went on a journey to Mictlán – the original underworld –  when they die.

We knew our target audience were keen to know more about their culture, but only if it related to their interest in film, arts and music.






Sales uplift