Kerry Chilvers 

Brands Director, Direct Line Group

MediaCom What are the biggest challenges impacting brands right now?

Kerry Chilvers We are living in uncertain times and it’s causing huge changes 
in consumer consumption and purchasing behaviour. Businesses are under so much pressure to deliver short term results, so one of the biggest challenges for marketers is keeping their eye on the longer term and not being too reactionary to that short-term performance measure. 

MediaCom What’s the best insight you’ve had (or heard) this year? 

Kerry Chilvers  I saw a piece of research from the US that had correlated the diversity and inclusivity of brands’ advertising with their stock market performance and brand valuation performance. The advertisers who were much more diverse and inclusive outperformed the norms.  That was just fantastic to see. That type of information about diversity of businesses has started to drive action in terms of changing the shape of boardrooms, and I really hope that this type of insight will really drive a change in diversity of advertising. 

MediaCom What will be the next big thing in 2020?

Kerry Chilvers We really do love a big, new shiny thing. For me, 2020 has to be the year in which we get serious about how we effectively reach younger audiences. TV viewership is changing, and we must understand how to cost-effectively reach a valuable audience for the future.