On Super Bowl Sunday we debuted our show to 1,500 people including press and influencers.


We even sold authentic souvenirs, including T-shirts, posters and vinyl records as well as traditional bootleg merchandise outside the theatre.

The Super Bowl is the biggest and most competitive marketing moment of the year in the US. It costs $5 million for a 30-second TV ad.

Skittles wanted to get Super-Bowl-sized attention at this time, without buying Super Bowl ads.


Our solution was to create a 30-minute Broadway musical, vacating the Super Bowl stage in favour of a very different kind of auditorium. 

Announced on Times Square billboards, we sold real tickets at standard Broadway prices and sold out in 72 hours.

Then, we released a music video of our title track Advertising Ruins Everything and released the full cast recording on Spotify.



Earned Impressions


Viewership of superbowl game