Brighter Homes,

Brighter Kids

Teaching parents how Dulux’s bright and varied colours could stimulate their child’s development

Client  Dulux

Market China


We created a series of stimulating colour schemes and let parents know how they could use them to create inspirational environments.


We launched our campaign on Children’s Day in China – a holiday when schools shut, and parents spend time with their kids – and spread our message with TV, Digital and OOH ads.


We asked parents to share their redecorating stories and shared social content explaining how colour influences character.

More than 50% of walls in Chinese homes are white – it’s cheap and easy. Once done though, people don’t repaint for eight years.


We needed to inspire them with Dulux’s full-colour range and get them to paint more often.


More than a third of families in China have a child – and their education is a priority.


Research shows that bright and varied colours can stimulate a child’s imagination and development.


So, we would let parents know how Dulux’s wide-ranging paints could make their kid smarter.


We did it by starting a discussion about what kids’ rooms should look like. 





Increase in sales


Our campaign delivered more than 700m online impressions, boosting traffic to Dulux’s website and e-commerce platform.


Sales of Dulux’s Easy Repainting Service shot up 28% year-on-year.